Driven to Extremes is an organisation that supports military veterans suffering from PTSD, by giving them the opportunity to take part in challenging vehicle expeditions around the world. The ultimate aim of Driven to Extremes is not only to help veterans with their recovery, but also to provide them with employment, organising and leading adventure tours for paying customers. By setting clear goals, and working in close-knit teams, our expeditions offer veterans the opportunity to build confidence, rehabilitate, and develop leadership skills at the same time as having an enjoyable experience with individuals from a similar background.


The Sahara Bug Rally is a 17 day driving adventure that will see teams attempting to tackle the original Dakar Rally route across the Sahara Desert in Morocco in a Volkswagen Beetle!

From the Algerian border to the Atlantic Ocean, it will be ultimate test of teamwork to reach the finish line as teams battle their way across 1,000 miles of sand, rock and gravel!

Get a team together, buy a VW Beetle, old shape or new (for as little as £300) and join us on this ‘extreme’ adventure for just £745.00 per person.


Clearly this is a very worthwhile cause and I wish you and your team every success

Col. John Blashford-Snell OBE - British Explorer



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